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This short questionnaire asks you to give an example of one future fiction (novel, short story, interactive fiction, graphic novel, etc....) that has interested you or inspired you. This is an opportunity for you to reflect on science fiction futures and how they make you think about the future and the science that might get us there. 

The answer you provide will be used as data for the Prospecting Futures research project. You will remain anonymous in any reports, conference papers or publications resulting from this project. For ethical reasons this survey is only open to over-18s. 

To complete the survey give an example of a science fiction text that you particularly enjoyed and give a short explanation of what you found interesting about this example and the future world it imagines:

If you would like to be involved in further research please leave a contact email address in the field provided, and we will contact you with the intention of conducting a more detailed follow-up interview. For further information please contact lead researcher Dr. Amy C. Chambers

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