Welcome to the Unsettling Scientific Stories Project

January 26, 2016 Sam Robinson No comments exist

Welcome to the Unsettling Scientific Stories blog! We will be using this space to write about the history of the future, or more specifically to explore the many uses and notions of the future that shaped science in the long technological 20th century.

We will start blogging in April 2016, but in the meantime please visit the About Us page to learn about the project, or contact us directly via the Contact Us page, and finally don’t forget to follow us on twitter: @UnsetSciStories.


We look forward to entertaining you all soon!


Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.15.24
The Unsettling Scientific Stories Team (Standing: Iwan Morus, Mat Paskins, Lisa Garforth, Amy Chambers. Seated: Sam Robinson, Amanda Rees.)


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